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A successful 2011 Mission

A new 30-day mission took place from July 2nd to August 1st in deprived areas of the valley of Suru and Stoth district in Zanskar. Eight French volunteers assisted by a team of nine natives from these valleys have been able to complete the objectives of the association:

  • Provide each student, including those of the monasteries of Rangdum and Zongkul and the nunnery of Skyagam, school supplies needed for one year
  • Renew 1038 pairs of shoes .
  • Distribute warm clothing collected during the previous year in France.
  • Observe in the field effectiveness of the English teaching method and difficulties encountered.
  • Hold three educational seminars with teachers from the valley
  • Propose a medical consultation
  • In cooperation with Jimmy Fairly and CODIR companies, provide glasses and sunglasses to people in need
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