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Mission 2010

From 15 July to 4 August, 2010 the mission has carried out the three different actions in the continuity of our goals in the particularly poor and destitute area of the Suru Valley and District Stoth down to Karsha.
They were conducted by a team of 8 French volunteers and a team of 8 people native to these villages, including our two local correspondents.
We otherwise :
* provided each student of Rangdum monasteries, and the nunnery Zongkul Skyagam with school supplies.
* enriched libraries in three schools, enabling pupils to access a greater number of readings and allow teachers to optimize written and oral work
* replaced the uniforms of 750 schoolchildren
* assess the establishment a new teaching method of English, and any difficulties encountered in the schools visited during the mission:
Teachers and students became familiar with the use of materials, but the implementation of this method of teaching is not widespread yet, nor fully assimilated. It is therefore too early to provide material for the upper school level.
Following discussions with the ZEO (zonal education officer) it was decided to organize during the expedition of 2011 a seminar for all teachers with the approval of the competent authority.

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