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Peuples d’Himalaya carried out their last mission between September 18th and October 3rd 2008

The president and one member of the association went in Stoth district were they joined the local team members. Within 14 days, all the pupils of the 26 schools of the district were given new sturdy pairs of shoes fitted to the extrem local climatic conditions. At first, during summer, Zanskari members of the association had listed the children and their shoe sizes. 770 pairs of shoes, bought locally at Leh, were given out. Moreover, the pupils of Zongkul and Skyagam schools were given new uniforms. New books and stationery were also given to the school of Phey. At each village, meetings were held with teachers and village committee members to discuss the difficulties encountered and to help us improve our future action.

Enfant avec une boîte à chaussure

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